Become a partner today! MorningStar International, Inc. supports the growing need for youth development by helping students with academia and life skills necessary for the workplace and beyond.

Why Become a Partner?

Companies must support important causes to maintain relevance and importance in our world.  There are many reasons and studies that speak to the reasons to partner.

Partnering with MorningStar

Thanks for your interest in MorningStar International, Inc. We welcome new and past corporate partners that will help advance the mission and vision of our organization. An organization with a solid brand image, acceptable mission, strong leadership, and a proven success record is good fit to partner. Key factors for valuation of a potential partner include the ability to leverage resources, awareness, fundraising, corporate contribution, and leadership engagement. Having the ability to impact locally, nationally, and/or internationally is a plus.

  • All potential partners are required to attend an interest meeting.
  • MorningStar International, Inc. does not endorse products, services, promote the sale of products or mandate that MorningStar Scholars, participants, volunteers or members endorse, purchase or sell any product or service.
  • All partnerships require a minimum financial commitment.

Most companies are aware of the social and economic benefits of strategically partnering with nonprofits organizations. MorningStar International, Inc. has partner with some of the best corporations in the industry. In 2019, we received one of our most notable partnerships with Accenture. We look forward to partnering with your corporation, customers, clients, and community to help aid in our mission to guide youth and young adults to succeed in a global economy – not by chance, but by a purposeful design.