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As a MorningStar Scholar, students ages 9-19 learn practical skills to succeed in a global economy within our four program pillars: Guide Me To College, Teenpreneur 101, MoneyWork, and STEAM Global Leaders. Throughout our programs and services, students will develop an array of skills to apply to real-life situations. Not only is our approach demanding—it works.


This program provides a unique blend of resources and tools to prepare students for college and beyond. Using Guide Me To
College Book 10 Vital Steps as an outline, students will learn practical skills to increase academic and social performance. In
addition, students will practice how to apply for scholarships, grants, and FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), while
learning the pros and cons of college life.

This program provides a unique approach to prepare teens for entrepreneurship. Students will learn how to develop a
business plan, while transforming their passion into a paycheck. This program challenge and demonstrate to students
what it truly means to be a BOSS


This program helps students learn how to manage their personal finances, while giving them real-life examples of how to prepare
for adulthood. In addition, students learn how their decisions with money can affect the outcome of their lifestyle. This program
focuses on four areas of budgeting money: Spending, Saving, Investing, and Donating.


This program provides students with the necessary leadership skills to lead within STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts,
and Medical) careers. Students learn how to apply their skills to compete in a global society. In addition, students develop the
tenacity to serve within their community while becoming future global leader.


“They helped me gain more knowledge about college and life in general.”

 – 10th Grader (Tucker High School)

“I signed up to take my SAT because of them.”

 – 11th Grader (Tucker High School)

“MorningStar impacted my life”

both academically and personally. – 12th Grader (Dutchtown High School)

“The MorningStar Scholar Program taught me about STEAM and everything that you can achieve through the program.”

 – 12th Grader (Dutchtown High School)

“It impacted my life because it shows how important things are in life overall.”

 – 8th Grader (McConnell Middle School)

“It showed me that young black people can rise up to do what they want to do and be who they want to be in the world.”

 – 12th Grader (Grayson High School)

“Showed me that no matter what a person has been through if they want success they can achieve it.”

 – 9th Grader (STEM Institute/Alcovy)